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About us - and you

It's simple. The Ocean comes in tides. The wind blows where it wishes. People wake up and go to sleep. Life goes on, and on and on.

The only difference between yesterday and tomorrow is what you do today. What we do today is not anyways that visible. What we have to share is not always shown. Who we are now, is not always seen. Whatever happens now might be missed.

That is why this app was built. To include everyone in everything. From Surf to shop, this app aims to cover the whole of JBAY and its beauty, its news, its surf, its fish, its food and its fun.

I won't lie. The idea of an app came out a sheer need to know what the hell is up in JBAY. Its a cloudy, wet, misty, cold, Saturday morning - Oh, and I'm broke. What can one do? What is happening? What is going on? Where is the best surf? Where's the fish gonna bite today?

So, to answer my own questions...Woala.


My JBAY is My Jbay. Its my Home. I (and you) deserve to know all we can without all the pages and pages of scrolling on social media.

The APP idea is new, (and I get that) so lets expand on it. All ideas are welcome. Writers, Journalists, lets get your stories in. Muso's, send us some songs. Shops, let us know of some good deals. Surfers, tell us where them Surf at. Fisher's, C'mon.

We all Love Jbay. It's truly home to the heart. So lets build on this... build on each other... and maybe, just maybe, tomorrow will be better than today.